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Nation's Triathlon

12 September 2010: The Nations Triathlon in Washington, DC with over 5,000 participants became the largest triathlon in the United States today.


31 May 2010: Memorial Day at Arlington Memorial Cemetery. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights Reserved.


15 APRIL 2010: An Obama cartoon at the Tax Revolt Rally in Washington, DC. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights Reserved.


Well today you get two days in one post! Two days of photography and 3,000+ images later, it’s good to be home and looking forward to shooting a little (lots) Basketball.  Over the last two days I’ve been shooting the: Forging a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity, at The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. for […]


February 8, 2010: WASHINGTON, D.C. Ñ BLIZZARD OF 2010: Seneca Creek flows through a blanket of fresh powder as we prepare for an additional storm. After 28″ of snow on Saturday, we are now expecting 6-12″ tomorrow. It’s good that in two months, Spring will be here. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


February 5, 2010: The Blizzard of 2010, socked the Washington, D.C. area with anywhere between 24 & 40 inches of snow. They asked people not to drive, so many took to wlaking the streets. A family stroll’s down Connecticut Avenue near Military Road. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


Today youl get two for one. I attended the 2010 March for Life ( in Washington, DC) and I took so many pictures that it was hard to choose just one. But these two stand out for two reasons.  First, I applaud Catholic schools from all across the nation.  They were well represented and vocal […]