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11 July 2010: A little line dancing action at first base during the Frederick Keys minor league baseball game in Frederick, Maryland ©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights Reserved.


25 June 2010: Sidewalk guitar player Warner Williams, 80, entertains passersby in front of the Victor Litz Music Center in Old Town Gaithersburg on Friday afternoon. Warner’s playing reminded me of the movie “The Soloist,” he is as good as they come in making the guitar sing and cry. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights Reserved.


February 23, 2010: Graffiti art adorns a wall along Riggs Road, near Laytonsville, Maryland.. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso, All Rights Reserved.


January 19, 2010: An abstract look at a road sign on East Village Avenue in Montgomery Village, MD. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso; All Rights Reserved


January 18, 2010: An old oak tree sits in the field as temperatures warm up. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


A dear carcass sits along Sunshine Road in Montgomery County, MD, after (most likely) getting hit and killed by a vehicle.  After buzzards devoured a fitting meal, the hoofs were the only body part left of the deer. This project is somewhat similar to going on a daily scavenger hunt, without a list.  So you […]


Abstract photography has always been a favorite past time of mine.  Colors, forms, objects, graffiti it’s wide open what you might find…As you begin looking.  The key is the looking part. I’m sure there will be lot’s of abstracts in this small project.  I’ve always been of the mind that there is a picture to […]