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25 June 2010: Sidewalk guitar player Warner Williams, 80, entertains passersby in front of the Victor Litz Music Center in Old Town Gaithersburg on Friday afternoon. Warner’s playing reminded me of the movie “The Soloist,” he is as good as they come in making the guitar sing and cry. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights Reserved.


21 APRIL 2010: Scott Sheldon, President of Unique Marketing in Montgomery County, MD.©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights


February 11, 2010: WASHINGTON, D.C. – BLIZZARD OF 2010: Blue skies greeted residents of the Washington, DC metropolitan area today, after yesterdays blizzard. An additional 10-18 inches of snow, on top of the 28+ inches last weekend, has made this the snowiest season in 125 years. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


February 8, 2010: WASHINGTON, D.C. Ñ BLIZZARD OF 2010: Seneca Creek flows through a blanket of fresh powder as we prepare for an additional storm. After 28″ of snow on Saturday, we are now expecting 6-12″ tomorrow. It’s good that in two months, Spring will be here. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


January 28, 2010: A graphic on the side of a truck parked in the Airpark in Gaithersburg, MD. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso; All Rights Reserved.


Abstract photography has always been a favorite past time of mine.  Colors, forms, objects, graffiti it’s wide open what you might find…As you begin looking.  The key is the looking part. I’m sure there will be lot’s of abstracts in this small project.  I’ve always been of the mind that there is a picture to […]