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6 July 2010: A barn sits surrounded by a field of corn in Laytonsville, Maryland. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso. All Rights Reserved.


February 16, 2010: Poles protruding through the snow create a nice monochromatic, abstract scene in a field of snow near Sunshine, Maryland. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved.


February 11, 2010: WASHINGTON, D.C. – BLIZZARD OF 2010: Blue skies greeted residents of the Washington, DC metropolitan area today, after yesterdays blizzard. An additional 10-18 inches of snow, on top of the 28+ inches last weekend, has made this the snowiest season in 125 years. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


February 8, 2010: WASHINGTON, D.C. Ñ BLIZZARD OF 2010: Seneca Creek flows through a blanket of fresh powder as we prepare for an additional storm. After 28″ of snow on Saturday, we are now expecting 6-12″ tomorrow. It’s good that in two months, Spring will be here. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


January 26, 2010: Sometimes I forget about taking a picture for the day, like today. I was just running an errand, down a road I don’t travel much. Around one curve and there in the field, a flock of sheep like none I’ve ever seen. These had “four”, that’s right four horns. So I stopped and began to photograph them, but as it turned out, the best picture was of a young sheep with just tiny little horns. Anyway, I looked them up and they are called “Jacob’s” Four Horn Painted Desert sheep. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved


January 18, 2010: An old oak tree sits in the field as temperatures warm up. ©2010 Andres R. Alonso: All Rights Reserved