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Oatlands Steeplechase

Steeplechase in Virginias Piedmont region

Back on the Point-to-Point circuit in the Virginia countryside. This past weekend the races were held at the 19th century Oatlands Historic House and Gardens near Leesburg, Virginia. All of these pictures have been stylized using Snapseed software to give them an aged look. Not a normal procedure for me, but a welcome departure from […]


"Obamacare" Rally on Capital Hill.

iPHONEAGRAPHY – a word that I invented on GoDaddy.  Being a day late into the world of the iPhone, all the key and popular words for websites have been long taken. So I sat in front of my computer and kept at it, till I finally came up with an “a” in between the “iPhone” […]


iPhone photography

A friend of mine recently told me, “ We have to evolve….. or die.” Of course we were talking about photography, specifically the movement and growth in the mobile phone/camera market. It took a while, but we are finally at the point where a few phones out there (and more will be coming) are also […]

Virginia – Thorton Hill Point-to-Point

steeplchase-point to point-horses-racing-jockeys-virginia

Last Saturday I made the trek to Speeryville, VA to photograph the start of Virginia’s Point-to-Point season. Years ago (when I was a young photographer) I used to cover a lot of steeplechase races, but with everything… if you don’t practice, you will get rusty. My days take was not as good as i wanted, […]

Washington, DC – 39th. March for Life

U.S. Supreme Court abortion protests. Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Roe v. Wade

Sometimes you have to wait for the picture to come to you. You keep looking, shooting and working the event. Then it shows up. This “baby” traveled all the way up from Chattanooga, TN to be captured in front of the Supreme Court. A small island of Pro-Choice protestors were busy mocking and chanting slogans […]


January 2011: A lone blue blouse and empty shirt and garment bag hang in the master bedroom closet of a foreclosed on house in Lorton, Virginia. The house was on the market in the $770,000 range for months and did not sell, forcing the bank to take it over. ©Andres R.Alonso


2 January 2011: A nickel-plated bronze sculpture of Architect Phillip Johnson (1906 – 2005) by Sculptor George M. Kelly seems to be gazing over to an oil painting of Ann Landers (1918 – 2002) at the Smithsonian American Art Museum National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. ©Andres R. Alonso / araPHOTOS

Going Back 31 Years

It all started very innocently. “Dad, can I borrow your camera for the weekend?”  His answer was, “Sure, come and get it.” So I did. Granted, I had no idea how it worked but that was not as important as the “Girl.”  Yes, there was a girl behind the camera. She was taking a photography […]

Nick & Natalie

Nick and Natalie get engagements pictures done at Maymont Mansion Park in downtown Richmond, VA.