Virginia – Thorton Hill Point-to-Point

March 5th, 2012

steeplchase-point to point-horses-racing-jockeys-virginiaLast Saturday I made the trek to Speeryville, VA to photograph the start of Virginia’s Point-to-Point season. Years ago (when I was a young photographer) I used to cover a lot of steeplechase races, but with everything… if you don’t practice, you will get rusty. My days take was not as good as i wanted, but I came away with a few pictures.

Im doing a project covering the circuit for the next two months. I found myself at a point where I needed to photograph a project. Then an old roommate from Leesburg asked me if I would like to have a month long show at his real estate office, so off to the races I go.

For now I just have to go out and practice. The photos will come.


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