March 27th, 2012

iPHONEAGRAPHY – a word that I invented on GoDaddy.  Being a day late into the world of the iPhone, all the key and popular words for websites have been long taken. So I sat in front of my computer and kept at it, till I finally came up with an “a” in between the “iPhone” and the “graphy” of photography. The other one that I settled on was – IPHONEVISUALS. So in case you’ve wondered, that’s the story.

One thing that is not late is my enthusiasm for shooting with the iPhone.I’m joining the bandwagon, it’s a blast!  I feel the same joy and abandonment that I had when I was a young photographer. Frame, tap for focusing and exposure and shoot.  Im sold.

Today I went down to Capitol Hill to cover the Supreme Court / Obamacare Rally. Like any other venture to cover a story like this, I had two DSLR’s and 3 lenses with me.  Next thing that I knew, I was shooting all the pictures with the iPhone and it’s accessory handgrip – The Big Red one.

Protesters on Capital Hill on repealing "Obamacare" Healthcare bill.















I’ve used the grip know for three weeks and love the handling capabilities that it brings to the iPhone camera. It’s well built, fit’s tight on the phone, provides you with  a tripod socket and the company is already working on upgrading the software and color offerings.  They are determined to make this the go to accessory for iPhone photographers. I offered my suggestions to the company and they received the praise and criticism with a desire to make changes and look into  how they can improve it.

Supreme Court holds "Obamacare" hearings.















I’m in the process of launching a new website that will be dedicated to conducting Digital Photography Tours & Workshops. One of the offerings will be the iPHONEAGRAPHY Photography Tours. Going out to different locations with 10 other persons and having fun shooting and capturing the moments.

"Obamacare" Rally on Capital Hill.















It will be open to all mobile camera users. Although the iPhone is the top dog, many other phones have excellent cameras and capabilities. As far as software – my favorite at this time is FREE. SmugMug’s Camera Awesome.  Free and awesome, no other words needed.

Jeffrey Toobin of CNN waits for his live shot outside the Supreme Court.




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