March 20th, 2012

A friend of mine recently told me, β€œ We have to evolve….. or die.” Of course we were talking about photography, specifically the movement and growth in the mobile phone/camera market.

It took a while, but we are finally at the point where a few phones out there (and more will be coming) are also competent point-and-shoot cameras. A recent article that I read had this to say, β€œThe numbers work out to 144 million compact (point-and-shoot) cameras in 2015, 1.515 billion cell phone cameras will be produced in the same year.” So with that in mind I migrated to the iPhone.

iPhone photography















This past weekend was my first full weekend experimenting and learning to do photography all over again. I ventured out with just the iPhone. The equivalent of going out years ago with my Leica M4P with a 35mm f2 lens. The DSLR with the zoom lenses stayed in the bag, back home. And I must admit, I fell in love with taking pictures once again.

iPhone photography















The file that comes out from the iPhone is a 22MB file. Plenty big enough to blow up and play with. Big enough for a magazine front cover. If you do your work, the iPhone will give you excellent results. If you want to zoom in, you begin walking forward. Forget the two finger swipe, it will only degrade your file by enlarging your pixels.

As with anything you have to learn what works best. The iPhone is not a camera to shoot sports with. But for capturing street scenics and still life it’s just about perfect. And after you capture the image, the App’s that are available give you the opportunity to create works of art with them right in your mobile device.

iPhone photography















I choose to download the files and processed them on my MAC. I used the software; Snapseed and Topaz Adjust, to process the images seen here. For a FREE camera App there in none better than SmugMug’s – CAMERA AWESOME. Another that you would have to buy (for the cost of a soda) is CAMERA+. They both have all that you need to get the job done.

Overall the whole experience was fun, exciting and fresh. After a weekend of shooting over 2500 NCAA basketball action images, it was like learning the joy of photography once again.

So come evolve with me and join me in some new – iPhoneography Safari’s. Contact me at: andres@araphotos.com for more info.

iPhone photography




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