7.25.10 – Jewel

July 26th, 2010

A tribute to a good Dog.

The kids missed out on growing up with Simon.  He was also a good dog.  But cancer (chasing and chewing too many tennis balls) took him when they were still young.  For a few years we were dog-less, until one day we began to talk about getting one, right after seeing “101 Dalmations.” I remember sitting at Denny’s and they picked out the name Jewel, so the challenge then was to find a dog to fit the name.

Saturday came and we headed off to the SPCA Dog Adoption at the local Sam’s store. The kids wanted a dog, I wanted to replace Simon (impossible) and Mom wanted a small dog and it needed to be a girl.  Well, when we got there all the dogs were big, the kids loved them all. There was one that could have been a Simon, but no small dogs.  Until someone pulled up and came walking over with two small little fur balls.

Immediately the lady was stormed by eager people wanting to cuddle these cute little darlings. Somewhere along the way Deby mentioned that the one ” that the little girl was holding was a girl…… go get it.”  So I stalked the girl as she took the puppy to her parents, and waited for the right time and asked if i could see the puppy and SNATCHED it from her arms and never looked back……

The rest is history.  She fit her name for 13 years and two months. She was a Jewel.

So yesterday knowing that her hours were numbered, I asked her if I could take a last picture.

Jewel on Sunday, her last day.

Jewel - One Last Picture

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