May 2nd, 2010

We’ll, talk about the unexpected. Today I had to meet and photograph a student from Washington University in St. Louis who is interning in the White House.  When I got to Lafayette Park, right in front of the White House there was a small demonstration taking place.  We’ll with that going on, and tourist running all around I set about and took my pictures of the student with the White House in the background.

As I was getting ready to leave, I said ‘What the heck, maybe I can find a photo in this protest for my Picture a Day.”  The protest was against the armed forces ‘Don’t Ask/ Don’t Tell’ policy for homosexuals.  They want President Obama, to fulfill his promise and repeal it. Well I worked  myself around the small crowd and finally got to the front and photographed the featured speaker Lt. Dan Choi (You can Google him, that’s how I found out who he was).

After getting a few good photos, I left…. so I though.  As I was leaving, I began to hear shouting and looked over to the White House.  There were 6 people standing up on the White House wall and fence, now that’s a big NoNo!  As I strained my poor eyesight, my news blood – hound smell told me that those six just had chained themselves to the White House fence.  The tourist had no idea what was going on, but soon they began to be ushered out and the police moved in.  They were loud, but peaceful and soon arrested.

So as I tell, would be photographers… you can never tell when a picture might present itself.  Just be ready to shoot it.

( The Protest pictures are on the Home page: www.andresalonso.visualsociety.com – or just click on Andres Alonso Photography above. )

Lt. Dan Choi

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