March 2nd, 2010

It all started when she was “very” young.  She wanted to go with her Papi as he went to photograph basketball games.  Mom was always worried, that I would loose her, and by God’s grace I never did.  But she loved it!

At first you could always count that when the “loud” horn would go off, she’d stop whatever she was doing and cover both of her ears. Then she’d go on with her life.  As she got a little older, the Roanoke College cheerleaders adopted her during a string of playoff games.  So she put on her little uniform and joined her with the cheers.

One year she and her brother got to go on a road trip to Hampden Sidney College and stayed in a “Haunted House.”  The house was over 150 years old with a lot of character and slanted floors.  They both pulled their weight that long weekend setting up strobes and climbing in and around the stands stringing wire.

At VMI games, she really did go up…. into the rafters and then fraternized with all the cute guys in uniform.  Every chance she got, she wanted to go with dad to the basketball games.

We’ll the road trips continue.  In a couple of weeks were off to shoot (I’ve lost count) the NCAA D3 Men’s Basketball Championship. Everybody there (that counts) knows her. She usually brings along a girlfriend and they go about doing what teenage girls do.  But she always come around and checks to make sure I haven’t lost it.  She helps me download cards, brings the photographers drinks and tries to not flirts with all the guys!

We’ll today my teenager turned 20.  She’s not a little girl anymore, but she still wants to go to basketball games with her Papi.  I’m a blessed man.

This picture, titled  “March Madness” is dedicated to you.  God brought it to my eyes, so I could share it with you.

Love you, lets gas up the bus!

March Madness

March Madness

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