February 16th, 2010

“Photos are there to be found.”  Andres R. Alonso, 2.16.2010

This might be the first time I’ve quoted myself, and I’m sure that it’s probably not an original quote in the photography community, but a real one.  If you look, as you go about your everyday life, you will see images all around you.  To me some are just to be taken in with our eyes, others you will want to preserve and that’s what the camera is for.

As I’m heading into my second month into this “Picture – a – Day” project I’m actually finding it easier to accomplish.  At first it was – “What am I going to photograph?”  Now, I just make sure I remember to put the card back into the camera and head out the door.

And as cumbersome as all this snow is, it just adds for more pleasant opportunities for color to turn into Black & White.  Go out and try it.

Poles in Snow

Poles in Snow

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