Rob & Jen

January 2nd, 2010

Rob & Jen

Rob & Jen

Weddings are a joy to photograph, they are all different and unique, and that’s how I try to photograph them.  I’m not into making Brides look as if the came of the cover of The Knott…. although their picture could grace the cover.  It’s all about being sensitive to how they are reacting to me and my camera.  Some want a low key approach, others welcome playing to the camera.

As a photojournalist I photograph each wedding as an ongoing story. It has a beginning (when I & them get there) and an end (when they leave).  My job is to fill in the story, between those book covers.  So I shoot as I see the story evolving in front of my cameras.  I’m not bashfull in setting up some of the photos and I love shooting the family portraits.  Although the majority of the pictures will be taken without any preconceptions (photojournalism) like Rob & Jen’s photo, the family & group portraits will always be important.

Some of my families best pictures, from our former life in Cuba, were portraits and group shots of family and friends.  So I do my best in taking them…. quickly and with much care.

I once had a Bride’s mother say to me, ” We don’t have any family photos from my daughters wedding.”  I’m glad that I was not the photographer.  The trend today is for  “Pictorial and Photojournalism” style photos, which many photographers with those skills do wonderfully, but a photographer should always remember to tell the complete story.  For me that means blending my talents as a photojournalist with the “old world” style of family portraits.

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