Mabry Mill

January 2nd, 2010

Mabry's Mill

Mabry Mill

Most of us take most of our pictures in two categories, family and our travels.  I’m no different.  This photo came from a family trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Southwestern Virginia.

The Mill was operated by E.B.Mabry from 1910 to 1935 and was made famous by artists and photographers the world over. Mabry Mill is the most photographed location on the Parkway and as the National Park celebrates it’s 75th Anniversary this year, I’m sure this hat will see it’s picture taken many times.

This particular photo was right outside the Log Cabin on the grounds. At first I shot pictures of the scene which included a rocking chair, shawl, flowers and a little higher up, hanging on the wall… the hat.  The other photos looked good and showed a typical scene which most likely would have natural to the setting.  But as I tell my students…. “keep looking and see what else in the frame you can remove.”

In this case (as most of the time) the simple composition of the wood and hat made the strongest composition.

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