January 2nd, 2010



Abstract photography has always been a favorite past time of mine.  Colors, forms, objects, graffiti it’s wide open what you might find…As you begin looking.  The key is the looking part.

I’m sure there will be lot’s of abstracts in this small project.  I’ve always been of the mind that there is a picture to be taken anywhere you go.  My brother-in-law, Randi has always been an inspiration in this area.  When we get together, his camera is always clicking, it does not matter where we are.  Not that they will all turn out to be good, but if you look… You will find.

Today, I chose to visit downtown Gaithersburg (our families new adopted town), MD.  It was cold, windy and I was underdressed.  But there were some old trains around…..  fithteen minutes later I had my picture.

D300, Aperture Priority, ISO 200, Shutter 1/160, f6.3, Exposure Compensation -0.7  (to darken auto exposure a bit)

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